Nomination for award

Jai 1-w500-h500

Jai Mandalia, student on one of our OCR CLAIT Plus courses, has been nominated by his tutor, Alka Champaneri, for a NIACE Learner Award.

Jai says, ‘I’ve just been working through level 1 and 2 awards in New CLAIT.  I’ve   enjoyed it alot and have helped people, at where I live, showing them how to use the software, eg Word and Excel.’

At first Jai found it diffcult to attend the classes for health reasons but as he became more confident, and supported by Alka’s helpfulness and guidance through problems, he adds, ‘Since I’ve enjoyed these classes, I may continue doing computer lessons, maybe at a higher level.’

Tutor, Alka, confirms that she has nominated Jai in several categories for various reasons: his increased confidence and self-esteem, engages with others and really became part of the group.  Jai’s IT skills have come on in ‘leaps and bounds since joining’, progressing from attending with the aid of a support worker to enrolling and studying on his own.   She concludes, ‘He has sailed through New Clait level 1’ and is now working hard on achieving units for level 2.

We wish Jai well with his further studies with the WEA.

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