What is a QR code? Something new to try out

What is a QR code?  Quick response code – a 2 dimensional bar code that you can scan to your smartphone and quickly access a website or webpage.

QR code for WEA 101 branch

QR code for WEA 101 branch

How can I or do this?  Upload a Bar code app to your phone.  Go to Google Play and search for Bar Code Scanner, eg Qr Barcode Scanner.  Once uploaded, press the app, point it at the QR code and it will say ‘URL found’.  Press Open Browser and  it will take you to the appropriate webpage.  It’s as simple as that!

Check it out – try looking up the WEA 101 branch this way.

You’ll also be surprised how many QR codes you begin to notice when you are out and about.

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