Spring arts and craft courses

3 new arts and craft courses started last week. Here are some examples of the artwork the students have created. Some are beginners. I bet you can’t tell which work is theirs?

Creative card making for Spring

Faux watercolour technique.

DSCN0040-w500-h500 DSCN0041-w500-h500 DSCN0042-w500-h500 DSCN0043-w500-h500 DSCN0045-w500-h500 DSCN0046-w500-h500 DSCN0047-w500-h500 DSCN0048-w500-h500

3 weeks 3 drawing mediums

Work with patterns

DSCN0021-w500-h500 DSCN0022-w500-h500 DSCN0023-w500-h500 DSCN0024-w500-h500 DSCN0025-w500-h500 DSCN0026-w500-h500 DSCN0027-w500-h500 DSCN0028-w500-h500 DSCN0029-w500-h500 DSCN0030-w500-h500 DSCN0031-w500-h500 DSCN0032-w500-h500 DSCN0033-w500-h500 DSCN0034-w500-h500 DSCN0035-w500-h500

Advanced card making

Diamond topped card and bead embellishments

DSCN0007-w500-h500 DSCN0008-w500-h500 DSCN0010-w500-h500 DSCN0011-w500-h500 DSCN0012-w500-h500 DSCN0013-w500-h500 DSCN0014-w500-h500 DSCN0015-w500-h500 DSCN0016-w500-h500 DSCN0017-w500-h500

All these courses will be running again from 8th April 2013 . Come along and discover your artist side! Craft summer flyer 2013

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