Poems by creative writing students

Students on the spring Creative Writing course worked with their WEA tutor, Hilary Lewis, to write poems on the theme of ‘happiness’.

Hilary explains, ‘They were written in pairs or threes, with the students selecting their best ideas.’ Happiness – the true meaning of Happiness (anonymous).  Happiness (by Mark Theobald and Chris Williams) and Happiness – the true meaning of (anonymous)

Hilary adds, ‘Liz Liggins wrote The Snail Hunt.  This is a triolet: a very brief, tightly rhymed poem that takes part of its structure from the repetition of entire lines. A triolet has eight lines.’

If you have a way with words and would like to try creative writing in a friendly, supportive group, then the next 8 week course begins on Monday 16 April, 10 am to 11.30 am.  Call 0116 255 6614 or Contact Us.

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