Learners delighted with nature course

Leyton House Jul 13 (4)-w500-h500

Cherry Blossom, spring 2013

Learners in the city centre have fed back that they have been delighted with their new course, Exploring Wildlife.

The course has been offered in conjunction with our community partner, the Leicester City Social Inclusion Team.  WEA tutor, Rupert Simms, has been working with a group of service users and really captured their skills and interests.  This is confirmed by Wayne Southin, Co-ordinator for South Leicestershire Community Opportunitites, ‘I have spent part of the time at Rupert’s wild life sessions.  Rupert involved people straight away and kept their interest going. Service users and staff have been coming back from Rupert’s sessions full of praise for him.’

Some examples of what the group have achieved so far, plus some pictures illustrating these achievements, are below:

  • The group have found, identified and drawn various species of insect.  These    drawings will be sent into County hall and recorded as biological records.
Leyton House Jul 13 (1)-w500-h500

Ladybird larvae

  • A wild area in the garden is developing attracting insects and wildlife
  • Hedgehog runs have captured the foot prints in paint of our local hedgehog family.
Leyton House Jul 13 (3)-w500-h500

Hedgehog houses

Leyton House Jul 13 (2)-w500-h500

Hedgehog footprints

  • Dean  and Mohammed have shown a great deal of interest and enthusiasm in the project.
  • Stephen gets up as soon as Rupert comes in, waters plants and wants to dig.
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