Computers tamed

‘Computers are not only things for playing games on and being good at making it crash,’ says WEA 101 Branch student Colin Peers.  With his first accredited qualification under his belt, Colin also plans to become a classroom volunteer, too.

Colin Peers-w500-h500

‘After not working a while due to ill health, the DWP suggested I do some voluntary work or a course, so put me in touch with the WEA at 101 Hinckley Road, which I thought was for adults who wished to learn to read and write.  How wrong I was!’ explains Colin. 

‘All I could at that stage on a computer was to play games or make it crash – I was good at that!  So, in September 2012 I did a beginners’ course with WEA tutor, John Roberts, which I really enjoyed.  So much so, I enrolled on the spring term and gain confidence, but also I passed level 1 CLAiT in Microsoft Word.  Then I started on spreadsheets and, in the summer term, I passed this as well, added database and a written unit, ITQ (about using a computer and different software).’

 Colin continues, ‘I am really looking forward to the autumn term but could not have done any of this without the help of the WEA at 101.  Special thanks needs to go to Avani Thakrar, WEA CLAiT tutor, whose help and advice has been brilliant, and also to Brian Pomfret and the other volunteers as they are great in what they do.  I have been asked to join them, which I am only too pleased to do.’

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