Storytelling is an instant hit with students

‘I have just been down to see Tom’s session,’ reports Wayne Southin, Co-ordinator for South Leicestershire Community Opportunities (SLCO).  ‘What can I say, absolutely brilliant! he was so animated and captured his audience extremely well, involving them completely with his story telling. I could see people’s confidence levels rising as the session went on.’

Tom Mottram is a new tutor to the WEA 101 Branch and has been an instant success with service users from SLCO and another community partner, Deacon & Hardy.

Tom adds, ‘It was highlighted by a support worker the positive effect these sessions were having.  “I have been working as a support worker for 20 years and I have never had all of my service users constantly asking me when are we doing the next session with Tom”.  I hope this highlights the effectiveness of the sessions by leaving people wanting more.’





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