‘If you think you can, you can’ says Anjela


‘If you think you can, you can.  And if you think you cannot, you are right.  See yourself as a success or see yourself as a failure, the choice is yours,’  are inspiring words from Anjela Mikhaylova, WEA 101 Branch student.

‘I could now definitely say that it was love from first sight with WEA when I and my husband came to enrol to Creative Computer course in May 2011 with John Roberts as a tutor and here I realised that nothing will change unless You take the steps to changing it.  And my life changed.’

‘Before I thought I could never be able to use computer, I had no idea how to create, edit and save documents, what is folder, or how to organise files and my first assignment was to learn how to create a simple Word document.’

‘WEA trained me in the fundamentals of IT programming, which was just the thing I needed to help in in my future life in Britain.  I really enjoyed the pace and tone of tutors.  They were very helpful and made the courses as fun as possible in friendly and relaxed atmosphere, using proven learning strategies to prepare students for success in life and work.  It was truly amazing.  Each lesson I have found something new and interesting.  Tutors broke everything down into steps that made it easy for me.  Every session allowed me to nail down step by step what I have learnt and confirm my understanding by taking tests and moving to the next level.’

Then I reinforced and expanded everything I was taught by enrolling in New CLAiT and CLAiT Plus courses offered by WEA with another fantastic tutor, Alka Champaneri, where I was provided with the training materials, and I could practice the skills I was taught.’

‘When I came to Britain I did not know anybody here, I had no idea what I would do and I found WEA is a great place to integrate into British society, to make new friends of my interest and to build my confidence.  All these helped me to be able to do things, which I have never done before: to do shopping and banking online, socialise safely and join an online community, as well as to compile my own CVs, cover letters.  It helped to find a job in exciting and new reputable art promoting enterprise.  Now I have a new career.’

‘Later I decided to ask about the volunteering opportunities in the WEA where I hope to be very helpful and useful as a volunteer because of my fluency in Russian when dealing with Russian-speaking students.’

‘ … Anjela has worked extremely hard this year.  She has shown real commitment and dedication.  She is pleasure to teach and is very helpful to other learners.  She has been preparing herself for 8 exams – in order to gain Diploma II and Diploma III – Word/Text.  She has also completed Unit 1 CLAiT Plus.  Her IT Skills are exceptionally good and digests new concepts very quickly.  Well done Anjela,!’ said Alka Champaneri, WEA Tutor, June 2013.

‘Anjela concludes, ‘You can have the success you desire in every area of your life!  You deserve success.  Believe it.!’

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