Creative writing students share their stories

Students in Hilary Lewis’ autumn course are delighted to share their work.  Hilary explains the background to the different stories.

‘The pieces by Mark and Liz were generated by objects. We spent time describing real objects using our senses and then the brief was to put the object into a character’s hand and allow it to stimulate a revelation of some kind as a final paragraph. The story was then plotted backwards.’

The Red Angel by Liz Liggins

Her final gift by Mark Theobald 

‘The next two pieces by John and Janet experiment with rarely used second person narration, either using ‘you’ as the narrative voice or addressing a ‘you’.’

Loss by John Lloyd

Stone Roses byJanet Pinto

‘Finally in this batch there is a piece by John which is written entirely in dialogue. We were working on the idea that dialogue should have a dramatic function, either revealing character or plot. We were trying to eliminate repetitive ‘he said, she said’ words and adverbs. The original topic was ‘a proposal’- this is a very clever piece of writing.’

Proposal by John Lloyd

The Creative writing course meets on Wednesday afternoons, starting again on 22 January 2014.  To enrol, call 0116 255 6614 or Contact us.

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