Students proudly display their patchwork cushions

WEA 101 Branch tutor, Rikke Digerud-Waring, has been teaching 2 groups this year, as part of the community partnership with Leicester City Council Community Opportunities Team.

Rikke explains, ‘I have been making patchwork cushions with my two Tuesday groups and they have loved it.’

‘We used a collection of materials given to us or some that I already had from before. The interest was to put the squares together and to tack them for me to sew. Lovely conversations were had whilst I did sewing and they helped to feed material etc. Sally Anne… Last photo… Did not want to do anything at first but became quite keen and waited for me to arrive!’Cushions (1)-w500-h500Cushions (2)-w500-h500 Cushions (3)-w500-h500 Cushions (4)-w500-h500 Cushions (5)-w500-h500

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