Music makers’ magical bus

Kate Keal, WEA tutor working at the Nia Centre, Leicester with service users from the Leicester City Community Care Operations Team, reported that everyone had a wonderful time last Friday when the big secret was out.
You will remember from our recent post that the morning art group were making drama props for an unknown performance by service users in the afternoon group. 
Kate reports, ‘The show was called the magical musical bus. It was written by the students who all chose their own characters . There was lots of singing along to well known songs and dancing. The characters all got on the magical bus and it took them to their dream destinations. They all had a great time.  Parents, friends and carers came to watch too. Everyone thought the props were great.’   We agree – what do you think?
Music makers' bus (1)-w500-h500 Music makers' bus (2)-w500-h500
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