IT students love their course!

IT%20for%20me-w500-h500The ITforMe group meets weekly and this year they have been inspired by their new tutor’s approach to their course.

Nusrat Hathiari took over the group last autumn.  Immediately she encouraged the students to work towards recognised IT qualifications.  Their feedback is impressive.  Entry Level Learners are saying:

Rachel: ‘ I enjoyed the course and learnt how to send and receive emails. I feel very proud of my work.’

Thomas: ‘I learnt how to insert images in a document and use the Internet. I am looking forward to continuing with the course in the Summer Term!’

Debbie: ‘I learnt so much on the course, how to make posters, send emails. I want to learn more in the summer term!’

Matthew: ‘I found the course very helpful and I think I am getting a lot out of it. I make mistakes but I am taught how to redo them.’

Neil:  I so enjoy being on the course. I learnt how to use the Internet and send emails. I look forward to coming back after Easter!

Ameen: ‘I am learning so much, I am getting better at it, each term. I find it a lot easier now and am able to print simple documents.’

Peter: ‘I enjoy this course, and find the support from Avani very useful. I look forward to getting my certificate next term!’

Christopher: ‘Thank you for all your help, I am really enjoying this course.’

Nusrat adds, ‘These are testimonials from my Level 1 Learners:’

Prablin: ‘I am ready to take my exam for a level 1 qualification. I have learnt how to manage files and can’t wait to learn more.’

Peter: ‘I have completed my first  unit: word processing for CLAiT. I am looking forward to getting my results and would like to learn how to use spreadsheets in the following term.’

Finally, Nusrat confirms, ‘Several students are from our community partner in Wigston, South Leicestershire Community Opportunities.  The WEA 101 Branch works with them to provide a number of very popular courses.  I am delighted to be part of this successful team.’

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