WEA art students wow us with their art exhibition

IMG_3385This course recruited students from a diverse range of backgrounds – most came from a ‘return to learn/return to work’ background. The students were not confident in their own creative abilities or sure of their own self-worth.  However, what they lacked in confidence was easily made up by boundless enthusiasm for their subject!

DSCN0530 DSCN0528Tutor Annabel Barratt challenged the group to display their work at an exhibition put on by the local library (Westcotes) during Adult Learners week.  The group surpassed all expectation and the beautiful pictures they created received favourable comments from library staff and members of the public alike.

Students and library staff developed a close relationship; the students were able to widen their horizons by discovering what the library had to offer and the library staff had a wonderful example of the benefits of engaging in a WEA class and there was much interest generated in this and other classes the WEA had to offer – a winning group on many levels!  Congratulations from us all!


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