Student Stories

Listed below are some student stories from our IT Word Processing Techniques Level 1 and 2 classes with tutor Alka Champaneri:


When I started at W.E.A. I was a very lonely person. I had a very big trauma in my life.  I hated being on my own in the house and when I went out, I didn’t want to go home. A friend told me about the WEA and what a lovely helpful place it was to learn computer skills.  I promised her I would come here and enrol on a course.  This I did and from the first day I have always been happy here because everyone is so friendly and the staff so encouraging and helpful. I will admit I’m not very fast on the on the computer but I’m determined to master it.

The help I get is very inspiring and all the staff are so helpful and explaining ways of doing certain tasks.

Anna Sexton

When I first came here I was very scared and afraid.  Now I am more confident in the class and that helps me to improve my speed on typing and other computer skills.

Ann Wills


Before coming to the WEA I lacked confidence and found it very difficult to speak to others. Since been on the computer course not only has my confidence grown I have gained friends, computer skills and I have achieved various qualifications.

Keanne Busfield

I learnt a lot now and I have made friends and like to learn more and complete all units.  I am grateful for the opportunity.


I joined the IT class in WEA last September 2017. It was as an adventure for me as I was pregnant about 26 weeks with my third baby.  So it was very hard decision to take between all this duties of a full time mum for two toddlers and new born baby so I thought maybe I can just go and try the first two weeks and if I couldn’t manage I will stop. After attending  the first class I felt happy and confident that I can make it as Alka ( the tutor ) and Avani ( the support)  encouraged me and persuaded me to do the course.  So with their support I could achieve New Clait Unit 1 file Management, Word Processing Business Professional, New Clait Unit 5 Powerpoint, New Clait Unit 3- Database, Mailmerge Business Professional, New Clait Unit 3 Spreadsheets.  So big big thank you for Alka and Avani to help me and support me to achieve all those computer’s programmes and to make what it is impossible possible.


New Confidence!

I started on this course as I was very poor on computer skills, to the point I did not even know, how to switch the computer on and off –if it was different to my husband’s.

I feared using the computer and felt so ashamed. I knew it was a digital world but the fear kept me behind and from trying it out. Consequently I found myself getting further and further behind.

I was recommended to attend Alka’s course as all the persons I spoke to and the reviews I read, spoke how her courses helped you move forward and learn computer skills, in a staged and structured manner, whilst at the same time your self -esteem and confidence is raised.

I started the course in February, as there was a waiting list-I can’t even begin to tell you how much confidence and computer skills I have gained.

I got my distinction in my Word level 1 exam, my speed is increasing, file management skills have increased.

More importantly, I am not frightened to use the computer, and I can now even transfer my skills on other computer’s.

Pretty Amazing!-If you are feeling like me, or even if you just want to improve your skills, -Just come!

It will make a huge difference to you and you will gain so much, even make new quality friendships.

I still have more to learn, and I look forward to another year on the course as I want to sincerely now go from Strength to Strength.


I  joined the WEA couple of years ago and started an IT course. Before I started my course at WEA on Hinckley Road, I didn’t know much about IT and my confident level was very low and now after two years I have gained so much knowledge and gain my confidence level back. It’s a very friendly and well equipped training place and I always felt that I’m a part of the WEA. My language fails to express how good tutors are. Every single tutor tries their level best and they go extra miles for student’s success. Simply WEA is a fantastic place to get trained and I highly recommend to everyone to get involved and share your knowledge and gain extra qualification which will be needed in our life.

Partha Sharma

My experience with WEA learning Microsoft Office other IT skills, such as key speed 1 and 2 and handling e-mails; has made a great difference in my confidence administrating my business. I can handle booking efficiently and I feel more assertive when organising my work.

Tereza Beardsmore



I have been coming to the IT classes conducted by Tutor Alka Champaneri for the last few years.

I have thoroughly enjoyed coming to the classes and feel have progressed in the use of computers. This has helped in making my use of computer easier and make my documents look more professional.

My knowledge of all the software programmes was rather rudimentary before I came to these WEA classes. The enthusiasm and kindliness shown by Alka and her other helper tutors Avani and Chantal has encouraged me to continue with the classes and do the various modules as they get tougher. This has enabled me to take the examinations after each module and get certificates with distinction in some of the modules.

The classes are conducted with such verve, joy and enthusiasm; such that it makes us students happy and makes us want to learn more and more.

For me who is retired and living on my own the WEA Classes has been a place to be with a friendly group, keep my mind stimulated and feel ready for volunteering and be of help in society.

The IT Word Processing Techniques Level 1 and 2 classes run on a Tuesday and Wednesday 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.  If you would like to know more information about these courses please call us on 0116 2556614 or email


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