Frequently asked questions

What does WEA mean? Workers’ Educational Association

Who funds the WEA?  the Skills Funding Agency

How did the WEA and the voluntary branch system come about?

The WEA was founded in 1903 by a man who left school at the age of 14 and started life as an office boy. This man was Albert Mansbridge and he believed that through self-help and collective endeavour, working class people could transform themselves by acquiring knowledge to think about the society in which they lived.

The WEA’s main aim is still just that – to provide educational opportunities to help people to develop their knowledge and confidence in a friendly and supportive environment.

The WEA is organised in regional and local branches, and while some paid staff complete the main organisational and administrative roles, there are many volunteers from the students helping to run the branches.  Find out more about the history of the WEA.

The WEA Branch at 101 has:

Branch organiser and office staff

Volunteer committee post members:

  • Chair: Ann Butler
  • Secretary: Jenny Marriott
  • Treasurer: Susan Woods (Treasurer)