Nusrat Hathiari

profile-w500-h500Hiya! I am back working at the WEA after a two year break and I admit I missed leaving here. I enjoy the atmosphere at the 101 branch: it is small, friendly and the staff and learners have a really good working relationship which is why I relish working here. I am currently teaching IT for Me and Working creatively with words. They have both been new experiences for me and I am really grateful for the opportunity. I am looking forward to teach a multitude of subjects especially in IT with courses ranging from CLAiT to the EDCL. I love exploring new teaching and learning methods and enjoy using a plethora of resources to make learning so much more interesting!   Now a little bit about myself! I am a typical mum with two precious daughters who are full of zing and on the go! We are quite a team and will try our hand at anything from baking, surfing and even paragliding. We are all trying to battle speaking to each other in the number of languages we speak, with my ten year old speaking Latin, my six year old an avid French speaker, myself sticking with languages such as Gujarati and Hindi from the sub-continent: which leaves my poor husband the only full English speaker! There are however lots of laughs and moments of heated conversations which makes dinner time anything but boring in the Hathiari household!   Thanks for reading about me and I do wish you good luck with your endeavours.